Lexsun Holdings Sdn Bhd was established in the year 2006 to produce a range of quality solar hot water systems under the brand name of LEXSUN for national and international markets.

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Designed and produced to meet the most sophisticated hot water demands of a modern home, LEXSUN Solar Hot Water Systems are a result of continuous research and development.

LEXSUN Solar Hot Water Systems provide the comfort of high pressure hot water everywhere for a shower, a bath, a wash or even the cleaning and cooking in a kitchen.

Emphasis on performance, reliability and durability ensures that a LEXSUN Solar Hot Water System continues to provide hot water on demand with minimal maintenance for many years.

LEXSUN Solar Hot Water Systems are indeed a perfect solution to the ever rising costs of heating water not just in a home but many other establishments such as hotels, resorts, sports clubs and restaurants.


Cold water is supplied to the solar hot water system and is gradually heated when the solar collectors absorb the solar radiation from the sun.

The heated water then rises due to the thermosyphon principle and stores in the insulated hot water storage tank for use whenever and wherever it is required.

  • Stainless Steel Storage Cylinder
  • LEXSUN Solar Hot Water Systems are made of marine grade stainless steel storage cylinders to withstand extreme hot water pressures and temperatures.
  • Storage Tank Insulation
  • LEXSUN Solar Hot Water Systems are insulated with CFC Free Polyurethane Foam to ensure that heated water stays hot for longer periods of time.
  • Water Spreader
  • LEXSUN Solar Hot Water Systems come complete with a stainless steel water spreader to minimize cold water mixing with the heated water to ensure that hottest water is available all the time.
  • External Casing
  • LEXSUN Solar Hot Water Systems are protected from the harsh weather conditions with itís aluminium casing that is free from corrosion.
  • Back-Up Heating
  • When more hot water is required or when it rains continuously the back-up heater and thermostat ensures that hot water is available 365 days a year.
  • Safety Valve
  • The pressure and temperature relief valve on a LEXSUN Solar Hot Water System ensures that hot water temperatures and pressure are controlled when the system is left unused or during days of extreme solar radiation.
  • Solar Glass
  • LEXSUN Solar Hot Water System solar glass is made from tempered glass to maximize the absorption of solar radiation.
  • Riser Tubes
  • The riser tubes in the solar collector are made from copper to ensure maximum heat transfer.
  • Absorber Plate
  • The absorber plate is made of aluminium to withstand high temperatures and to allow the risers to gradually absorb the heat from the Sun.
  • Absorber Coating
  • The absorber is coated with polyester matt black to absorb maximum solar radiation to produce higher water temperatures in a shorter period of time.
  • Collector Insulation
  • LEXSUN Solar Collectors are insulated to prevent heat loss during the day and night.
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